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In 2023, NCMYAC will launch with resources, videos, workbooks and more everything you need to establish a Youth Advisory Council in your own history museum. Chapter YACs can be initiated by museums or youth anywhere in the country.

The youth in your museum’s YAC will not only gain valuable experiences, but will help your museum develop and execute new events and programs. They will be both a volunteer base and an audience.

Ideal for ages 11-18.

In 2023, the Junior Historians Club curriculum will be available online. You can use the workbooks as they are, or easily customize them with your museum’s images and information.

The kids in your museum’s JHC will learn about historic preservation and public history topics such as architecture, genealogy, archaeology and more, through fun and immersive activities.

Ideal for ages 5-8.

museum littles

In 2023, the museum littles curriculum will be available online. This program has themes like little architect, little botanist and little linguist.

This is a great introductory program for small children to your museum. It incorporates classical music, sensory activities and new topics perfect for this age group. You can customize this program to include your museum’s objects.

Ideal for ages 2-4.

FUTURE PROGRAM IN DEVELOPMENT: Junior Archivists, ideal for ages 9-11.

History museums taking a step forward

Local history museums should be the most visible and publicly accessible means of participation in historic preservation.
Unfortunately, across the country, thousands of small historical organizations are encountering the same debilitating issue: a lack of sustainability.

To move into the future, history museums must engage with teens and children.

Giving youth a voice in the development of local history museums enables them to become active participants in the preservation of their own history, and empowers them to be personal stakeholders in the sustainability of those museums.

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In 2023, you’ll be able to purchase the complete program curriculum and easily begin these new programs in your museum.

These programs have been developed and tested in a small history museum.